The Global Financial crisis was the catalyst to see the world differently. We start to realise that something is wrong with the current business system and begin work towards developing another way of creating profit, without manipulating people or harming the planet. We begin to notice how social media, which started out disrupting established monopolies in favor of families and small business, was starting to sell out to established monopolies.


SEESworld's journey commences. We start studying American and European Antiquity to better understand the history of Public Relations. We begin daily study of how News Media Bias is structured. We lobby for better protection of users and subscribers to Facebook and Google. We identified ego-based advertising and biased news as the roots of rising social, economic and environmental problems. We develop The Marketing Wall and come up with a new concept for Australia's HCF: authentic moment advertising. We begin informing as many people as we can of the danger false advertising and biased news creates. 

SEESworld's first five year history is recorded within the book, CARBON-19.


During 2011, we develop the shareyourvictory + branding through engagement + Human Celebrity Resource concepts. We continue lobbying in earnest trying to warn of the danger corporates like Facebook and Google impose upon the mental health of children. We raise the alarm with the the Australian Government and ask for their support of SEESworld.


The shareyourvictory concepts Live News + Live Résumé + sharemyvictory and shareourvictory are registered. 

Live News and Live Resume become the mainstay of our SEESworld platform and we start putting in a huge effort to sign up socially conscious small businesses. We  start to develop the SEESworld accreditation programme ─SocialEconomicEnvironmentalSustainability.



We notice how Facebook and Google's profits going through the roof are correlating with a sharp rise in mental health, societal suffering and environmental destruction. 

We see how they are able to deflect liability by controlling what appears in daily news/search feeds, buying/stifling competition and donations to NGO's. We notice how evidence of the fast decaying health of our societies and environment was effectively brushed under the carpet.


Exposure to Facebook and Google's daily messages of what the definition of beauty should be pushed 500,000 young girls into creating online accounts on YouTube. They were seeking validation to find out if they had passed this test. This represented a tipping point for SEESworld: 


We took action to stop this madness and asked for immediate assistance from the UN, International Monitory Fund, World Health Organisation, Barack Obama and Desmund Tutu to name but a few:


We issue a PANDEMIC WARNING followed with the lodgment of a case against FACEBOOK and Google's manipulation of users: Our 30 page case is lodged with the United Nations (UNHCR)  from Sydney Australia on behalf of victims in the USA, EUROPE, RUSSIA, AUSTRALIA, CHINA and JAPAN.

WE ISSUE PANDEMIC WARNING IN 2015: united-nations-secretary-general-ban-ki-moon-the-truth-in-advertising. We use this petition to try and create awareness of and expose those who are diluting the meaning of words – particularly a company that is allowed to call itself Alphabet.


We take SEESfight to ground zero for the next 3 years, working amongst indigent communities of the Cape Flats in the Western Cape, South Africa. We attempt an advertising class action at the Western Cape Hight Court to protect the minds of South African Children 12 years and under. We work within the communities of Marikana, Pelican Park, SteenVilla, Chicago township (in Paarl), Siyangena, Winnie Madikizela, Ramaphosa, Guguletu as well as the homeless community in Fish Hoek. Through various campaigns and court cases, we target root cause – success! -  6 million US dollars worth of land is returned to these communities. Working amongst those impacted the most by our current business system deepened our resolve to keep going with SEESworld. In South Africa we came face to face with the origin of our suffering...


We arrive in Beijing in March 2019 and continue our study of Chinese Antiquity and begin studying Mandarin. We start to publish Letters From Beijing sharing practical wisdom China has successfully applied to complex social problems. We continue our research in Malaysia and Thailand, and spend 8 months in Hong Kong. Here we publish CARBON-19, a summary of ten years work. We travel to Shenzhen and Changzhou. From the 1st January 2021 we start the ambitious campaign to end FMCG-violence against Flora, Fauna, Americans, Australians, Chinese, Indians, Filipinos and South Africans with the goal of uniting EAST and  WEST. (FMCG-violence: F: inequality M. Mental Health C. BLM/Stop Asian Hate  G: Gender Based Violence 


13 January 2021 we lodge documents with New York Attorney General Letitia James petitioning for appropriate relief for victims of criminal conduct.