How do we become ideal versions of ourselves?

Profit from common good

TIMELINE: last 12 years - click image for details

Can "good is no use you have to be pretty" ideology cause mental illness?

PURE: the best of different nationalities to unite us

  • SEESlight: the best in our hearts


    We started 10 years ago with the idea of creating a new business system that brings out the best in our hearts. When this LIGHT is switched on, the way we see the world starts to change. 

    14 April 2020: 120k people lost to COVID19, Corporate Message Plea

    "This positive force shatters invisible walls, bondages, and all the deceptions, prejudices indifferences that harden our hearts and twist our societies and values." 

    When we put those who need us the most first, simple solutions to historical problems spring to life. Authentic moments spill outwards naturally and eventually attracting people and profit to join the flow. 


    In SEESlight, we lift each other up, together, creating quantum leaps that stabilise business environments by stopping unnatural disasters at their source.

    Social Economic Enviro Sustainability - balance between commerce and community


SEESlight products

  • business coaching: quantum shifts in thinking

    A ground breaking twelve year study of the impact of consumption promotion upon language, emotions, the body and ecosystems gave rise to a new way of seeing called The SEESworld Mental Model. Viewing the six key life spheres - nutrition (smart food), body (physical movement), personal products (chemicals), feng shui (object placement), consciousness (unfettered sensory roaming), passion (spiritual) and creativity (emotional intelligence) - through the lens of SEESworld activates quantum shifts in thinking. We hope you will join us on this breathtaking journey of enlightenment with the purpose of creating personal and business wealth that nourish ecosystems and communities.

  • PURE: Public Uniting Relations Education

    Findings from a decade of practical wisdom observations in Asia and Africa along with groundbreaking media studies has given rise to PURE, a new lens through which to process information. New rays of relation appear between ourselves and others – plants, people and other nations. In South Africa we worked for dispossessed communities using PURE and achieved land and home ownership exceeding 6 million US Dollars for them. In China it helped us see thier philosophy of protecting small business from monopolies and leaving no-one behind - delivering extraordinary results.. See here for more..

  • Mental Health Defence

    We have been defending mental health for the last 12 years. We study *communication methodology that mixes fiction with fact and false with true - to maintain business as usual. This creates disorder in our living conditions, a tinderbox for division, depression and anxiety to thrive. Yet the medical industry treats anxiety and depression as a human disorder (the problem lies with you), as a consequence of your actions and/or a biological condition caused by a genetic predisposition. 

    SEESworld offers MENTAL HEALTH living condition disorder therapy, for anxiety and depression. Understanding root cause is the first step.  See here for contact details. 

    *Ecological, financial, mental, colour and gender-based violence was commissioned by concepts like "good is no use, you have to be pretty".  




d. SEESlight technology: Live News, Live Resume & SEEchat

Invest in a new way of growing business and connecting people that prevents pandemics. We offer a breakthrough business system that effortlessly advertises with authentic moments driving smart consumption. Our technology attributes new value to what we already have and seeks out opportunities that unite different communities. This could solve some of the most complex problems in the world - social, economic and environmental sustainability. By commercialising the link between consumer sentiment and business growth, we can deliver sustainable profit.

  • Small Business

    Small business growth is key to reducing financial inequality, throughout the world.


    Harvest authentic moments and create  new role models for youth - real sales - real growth


    Lead with authentic moments, flood the internet with the great things your people do for the community.


    Daily share the authentic things your staff do, on your website's SEO Live News.