The Global Financial crisis was the catalyst to see the world differently.  We start to realise that something is very wrong with the current business system and start to work towards developing another way of doing profitable business without having to manipulate people and destroy the planet.

SEESworld journey commences. We develop The Marketing Wall in early 2011.  We register The Victory Wall on 16 September 2011.  We coin the term 'Business Media'.   The Victory Wall, and all of its subsequent unique coding and built-in staff engagement are put in place

In late 2011, we develop the shareyourvictory + branding through engagement + Human Celebrity Resource concepts.We begin lobbying in earnest, the IMF, Barack Obama, Desmund Tutu, etc.

The shareyourvictory concepts Live News + Live Résumé + sharemyvictory and shareourvictory are registered in June 2014. Live News and Live Résumé become the mainstay of our seesworld platform.

Twelve months of Beta testing is completed. Our platform is almost ready to go live. We  start to develop the SEES World accreditation programme ─ Social Economic Environmental Sustainability.

We lodge our case against Fake News in Advertising and Media with the UN during june 2012 from Sydney Australia. united-nations-secretary-general-ban-ki-moon-the-truth-in-advertising - we run a petition to try and get support for our actions with the UN.

We commence research in South Africaon the unfolding Mental Health Pandemic gripping the planet, we lodge our findings and a proposes course of action.

4th January 2017 we lodge an Application in The WesterCape High Court of South Africa to represent children 12 years and under against corporations that dilute the meaning of words. Our lobbying continues in earnest. We create a twitter account.